This release addresses a couple of low level security issues and a host of fixes and minor improvements. We strongly recommend you update to this version. Those of you updating from github will not need to update.

A big shout out to all the people who have contributed to this release:

Sophist, Hugh Messenger, Rob, Jaanus Nurmoja, Baur, Jean-François Questiaux, troester, hampercm, felixkat and all the members of the translation team.

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  • Placeholders entered in fields could reveal non accessible data 
  • Visualization ACL settings were not being respected 


  • Fix issues where Joomla's smart search indexer was not able to run if you had a Google Map visualization inside an article 
  • Adding experimental feature to allow fetching JS files from a CDN, new global option "RequireJS Base URI". 


  • Ajax order by is now working 
  • Added custom add/edit/details link urls to admin list module 
  • Added "show title" option to admin list module



  • Added option to toggle ON/OFF DISTINCT in list select query 
  • Fixed deleting repeat groups. Now the original repeat group pk values are stored in the form. Upon form submission any deleted group row's pk value must be within this set of repeat group pk values. This fixes issues GH-1254, and also the issue where records in the joined table which were not shown due to a prefilter were being incorrectly deleted 
  • Fixed prefilter on dbjoin element rendered as a checkbox: IN "foo" when "foo" not found - was not prefiltering the list
  • Fixed isempty advanced search on date element was producing an sql error 
  • Fixed sql error if prefilter = where foo IN (), switch added to set prefilter query to where 1 = -1 
  • Added responsive bootstrap class option to filter - useful when filters rendered under headings 
  • Added eval options to update_col plugin
  • Added option to not show listpicker in admin list modules 
  • Added setting GROUP_CONCAT_MAX_LEN option to the list's "big selects" section, default is 1024, which causes problems with long labels on multiselect join elements. 
  • Added wysiwyg editor option to email list plugin 



  • Fixed issue with saving repeat group data, where we used the wrong PK name (we used the field name of the parent, not the child table).  So saving repeat data worked if PK names were the same (like 'id'), but failed if the names were different. 
  • Fixed delete button on form not working 
  • Improved multiple form submit buttons are now possible. 
  • Added and updated the JomSocial plugin to work in latest JomSocial release 
  • Fixed: redirect plugin. Use as search filter option not working - comparision of full vs short names and sending pk as filter value 
  • Fixing upload attachment issue with simple single uploads (non AJAX) in form email plugin. 
  • Adding optional grouping element param to form limit plugin. 
  • Fix for setting author (name) correctly in Kunena form plugin. 
  • Fixing issue in form article plugin, needed some J! version checking on handling 'featured' when saving a J! article, it changed as of J! 3.1.x.
  • Fixed: article plugin wasn't setting/unsetting favourites correctly 
  • Fixed #1213 - article plugin if changing category on an already existing article a new article was incorrectly created  


  • Fixed: details menu links were selecting form templates and not details templates 

Element Plugins

File upload

  • Fixing redraw() issue in upload element 
  • Fixed fileupload ajax max not applied, when adding one image after another 
  • Fixing image blending issue with PNG's on resize, to preserve transparency. 
  • Added option; lightbox in details view - can its nav skip between other elemenents images (or not) 
  • Fixed deleting images not working
  • Changed widget now rendered via a JLayout
  • Updated audio model to support HTML 5, with fallback to object or embed. 

Text area

  • Added truncating in details to textarea
  • Fixed issue with textarea as WYSIWYG not saving content in AJAX submit. Needed to add TinyMCE.triggerSave() before AJAX submission.


  • Output "Yes" or "No" to CSV (Jean-François Questiaux)
  • Added yes no plugin - new "Single yes" option - forces only one row to contain a yes/1 value 


  • Added prefilter option. 


  • Fix for rendering QR Code in list view


  • Fixed, on failed form submission was not showing previously selected tags 


  • Fixed, guess link type load in lightbox, wasnt respecting the correct global lightbox/mediabox settings. Missing mp3 audio player mean mp3 audio files were not playable 


  • Fixed issue with user element losing it's value after a validation failure, when not hidden, and read only. 

Database join

  • Fixed when rendered as a checkbox; Dropdown filter was not respecting the "join where" statement
  • Fixed: dbjoin as chx/multi, repalce icons were not working 

Google Map

  • Setting defaults for map element static map call


  • Added placeholder parsing for eval'ed options in dropdowns 


  • Added option to run ajax calculations as soon as the form loads 


Download Fabrik 3.2