• Fixing using CONCAT for cascading dropdown in table view
  • potential infinite loop in unmergeFlterSplits
  • dropdown in repeat groups (not joined) wasn't unmerging grouped data
  • db join element - show descirption was not working if values contained spaces e.g. '1 test', resolved by using selectedIndex instead
  • date element _indStoreDBFormat() was formatting ' ' to todays date - added trim's to code that tests for an empty date
  • Fixing creation of user element, must NOT call parent::onSave()!!
  • Small fix for date element, so we only create as VARCHAR if canRepeat() and NOT isJoin()
  • fixed: database join in non-joined repeat group: filter dropdown, exact match=yes - filter query was incorrect


  • If not associated with a menu item then the form was showing its title regardless of its 'show title' setting
  • fixed: issue with duplicate element ids with joined repeat group data
  • added: form views $this->table->id property now available in html and pdf templates


  • with mt upgrade sys plugin merge js wasnt being triggered
  • Adding _JEXEC check in all template PHP's
  • fixed: FabrikString::truncate was not working if showtip option set to false


  • IS NULL prefilter not working
  • fix for table pagination issues with resetfilter=1
  • added: $this->form->id available in table templates

Scheduled tasks

  • Fix for condition eval in cronemail