Today I'd like to share with you our plans for the next couple of releases of Fabrik.

We're very happy announce the release of Fabrik 3.3. Our Joomla! application builder is now fully compatible with Joomla 3.4. This is a security update which we recommend you update to.

As usual its extremely gratifying to see everyone helping out on the code, in the forums and translating. Those people who have committed code to the project during this release include: gobezu, Jaanus Nurmoja, BodgeIT, Ajyama, Sophist, Robert Högberg, Bauer, Troester, Hugh Messenger, Rob Clayburn.

This release addresses a couple of low level security issues and a host of fixes and minor improvements. We strongly recommend you update to this version. Those of you updating from github will not need to update.

joomla day bostonFabrik is happy to announce that we are an emerald sponsor for the Joomla Day Boston which takes place on Saturday March 15th and Sunday 16th.

Joomla days are a great way to learn about what is happening in the Joomla world, and to meet with local members of the Joomla communitity, and now you have the chance to do it for free! We have two tickets available to give away, all you need to do is contact us and we will do a prize draw on Wednesday 5th of March.

This release addresses compatibility issues with Joomla 3.2.2 - notably issues in the administration section, where saving lists etc was not possible due to a JavaScript error.

Hot after the 3.1rc1 release we're happy to announce the next 3.1rc2 release. This specifically addresses several compatibility issues with Joomla 3.2. We now recommend using this release with Joomla 3.2.