IMPORTANT NOTE - the Fabrik SVN repository has moved from to, as of Rev 372, 11/6/2007. If you already have a checked-out version from JoomlaCode, you will need to delete it and check-out a new copy from Unfuddle. Please find the new URL and username/password below.

PLEASE read all of this document before using SVN.

The first step is to install an SVN client. For Windows users we recommend Tortoise SVN. Just download the latest version and run the installer. The following instructions assume you are using Tortoise, but the same general instructions apply to any SVN client.

I'm excited to announce that as part of our commitment to producing bug free code I have started to create a series of automatic test suites. for 1.0.4

We are using the excellent SimpleTest suite to create and run our tests.

We've just released an alpha version of a Fabrik search mambot.

The search mambot enables Joomla's default search to access any database table that is associated to a Fabrik table. Any matching row is returned as long as the user has sufficient writes to view the table and that given record.

As many of you are aware the old Joomla forge is being replace with a new site called

We have a new project page set up which currently contains all the latest Fabrik 1.0.3 releases (component, upgrade, modules and mambots)

SVN access should also be available, we've got the two versions up (1.0.x and 2.0.x) Please note that 2.0.x is in alpha mode so may or may not work.

Fabrik 1.0.3 has just been released version 1.0.3! This release is focused on bug fixes and general stability of the code base. However, we have managed to add in the following features:

  • Choose between the default email template or custom Html templates
  • Two new template themes (for forms & tables) called mint and bluesky
  • Tables - option to show "view" link which points to read only version of record.
  • Admin table view - option to use or not user prefiltres
  • Publish/ unpublish groups from your forms
  • Class names applied to any element label with a validation attached. This allows you to style your validation rules (see example fabrik form here)

Below is the test suite I'm working through for the release of fabrik 1.0.3

As there are a couple of us using it we're using Zoho writer to collaberate on this document.

The document is live so as we update it, it should be updated here